The question I get most often at this point is, "What should I get to start doing building my own stuff"? I had the same questions! Lots of research and Youtubin' lead me to my personal opinion below. 

If you only had three tools, I'd buy a Circular Saw, a Drill, and a Rafter square - you can make pretty much any simple home DIY project for that. However, if you want to get into it more seriously and have a little money to spend (maybe over the course of a few months, then below are my thoughts).

I believe combo kits are the way to go to start out - you really cannot go wrong with having the essentials. Below are a few things that I think are the best tools to start with, and the full list is around $1000, and you can always buy a smaller Miter Saw or Table saw and eliminate the stand if you already have a workbench.

Again - these are just my personal opinion as I quickly realized what types of things made my hobby-life easier!

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The one "tool" not listed below is a starter tool bag (hammer, screw driver, tape measure, socket wrench, wrench, alan keys, and safety glasses), which can usually be found for very cheap and should be your first purchase!


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