In 2015, for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung's Mark 2 of the Gear VR, we collaborated directly with Marvel and VFX powerhouse Framestore to give fans the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming an Avenger. Over the course of 8 weeks, we concepted, ideated, and produced the experience, using Industrial Light and Magic assets shared directly by Marvel - a process of secure collaboration that Marvel had never before been willing to do with additional vendors. 

The project was an Official Honoree at the Webby's in 2016 for Best Use of Mobile Media. Although it is no longer accessible on the Gear VR store, it can still be viewed in a host of ways (check them out below!).

VR Fly Through

In the Battle For Avengers Tower VR, suit up as Iron Man along side Hulk, Captain America and Thor to battle Ultron Prime and his minions in a bullet time 90 second experience. 

Control the Experience!

Whether you are on mobile or desktop, you don't need the Gear VR to dive into this once in a lifetime kind of experience. Check out the 360° video below and have fun!


Incase you missed anything, below are some awesome stills from the experience!