For kids with special needs, the right materials can make a huge difference in the classroom. In late 2015, partnered to raise money for teachers' projects all throughout the United States.

During the two week campaign, Google pledged to matched user donations up to $1MM for projects that focused on accessible education on The goal of the project was simple - fund as many teacher projects as possible and help make education more inclusive for every child. 


This was a fully integrated campaign. As part of the project, we created the following documentary launch film to drive awareness for the start of the campaign. The film highlighted two specific teachers who focus their daily efforts on teaching students with special needs, and was featured as a Google Home Page takeover the day of the launch


Integrated hub website for viewers to learn about the campaign, learn about the nine teachers we selected to highlight and fully fund, and personally donate to the projects of their choosing.

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We produced seven surprise "funding" events in seven different states throughout the United States (each with their own individual print and even planning productions), including two featured in our launch film over the course of a 2.5 week period. This took an incredible amount of coordination between our agency, our client, the schools and their key players, our production team, DonorsChoose, and the teachers themselves. 

Digital Campaign

Over the course of 14 days, we designed and implemented our social campaign. This included highlighting individual teacher projects on DonorsChoose, pushing our digital film to new viewers, and sharing in the success of the funding events to help drive further donations for the campaign.

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The result was more than just raising money (we met our $1M funding goal quite quickly) - it set a great presidence for future collaborations with non-profits like DonorsChoose to continue to raise money, awareness, and opportunity for children, no matter what level of education they are at.