Google's Now on Tap feature was the latest launch in world of Google Life Hacks during the spring of 2016. It was our goal to highlight a few of the various functions of the new feature while also showing users how truly simple it was to use through a 60s launch film. 

What is Now on Tap? It is a simple yet sophisticated feature Google integrates into any phone that could operate Android M or higher to give you quick information without having to leave the current app. The information you get will depend on what you're viewing on your screen at the time you long-press the Home button. Check out the 60s animated spot below to see just how awesome it is. 

On the surface, it's quite simple: When you long-press the Home button, Now on Tap copies and pastes what you're viewing into Google Now and opens an overlay with related information. Under the surface, it's much more complex; this copy/paste action is why sometimes you'll find the information Now on Tap presents to be not especially useful. The specificity of what you're viewing directly impacts what Now on Tap can reveal.