ZICO - Help Your Self


In the summer of 2018, we needed an idea that profoundly inserted ZICO and our ethos into the hearts and minds of culture - a transformative idea that encourages accessible holistic wellness.

It must be something that gets people talking.
Something they want to engage with and share.
Something that’s open and democratic.

To do this, ZICO demonstrated how easy and simple holistic wellness is by getting in touch with their inner child. Tom stepped aside for one week to allow a six year old girl named Estella to take over as the CEO. Her energy, ideas, and insights showed just how easy holistic wellness can be for employees and more importantly, how ZICO can hydrate the WHOLE you - mind, body and soul.

Launch Film

A Redesigned Look and Feel
OOH/Digital/Social/Point of Sale

To compliment the film work, we created a fully redesigned look and feel from the ground up that is based on authentically portraying holistic healthiness through candid, personal moments, while the rest of the coconut category feels staged and unattainable. From lifestyle photography to gifs that embodied holistic wellness to social cut downs of our film to a complete re-design of the ZICO website, we wanted to make sure our ethos lived through all of the work.

ZICO Wrap Up_CONDENSED (5).jpg
ZICO Wrap Up_20180918_ZICO.jpg
ZICO Wrap Up_CONDENSED (1).jpg


Our influencer partners champion holistic wellness day to day, and were integral to our campaign to serve as ambassadors to the community and drive ZICO usage cases.

The Results

3 million organic PR impressions across 2 national outlets and 4 local outlets,
~141MM delivered impressions for OOH, Social, and Digital Video
20,000+ organic views and 1500+ likes across social media channels