ZICO - Help Your Self


In the summer of 2018, we needed an idea that profoundly inserted ZICO and our ethos into the hearts and minds of culture - a transformative idea that encourages accessible holistic wellness.

It must be something that gets people talking.
Something they want to engage with and share.
Something that’s open and democratic.

To do this, ZICO demonstrated how easy and simple holistic wellness is by getting in touch with their inner child. Tom stepped aside for one week to allow a six year old girl named Estella to take over as the CEO. Her energy, ideas, and insights showed just how easy holistic wellness can be for employees and more importantly, how ZICO can hydrate the WHOLE you - mind, body and soul.

Launch Film

A Redesigned Look and Feel
OOH/Digital/Social/Point of Sale

To compliment the film work, we created a fully redesigned look and feel from the ground up that is based on authentically portraying holistic healthiness through candid, personal moments, while the rest of the coconut category feels staged and unattainable. From lifestyle photography to gifs that embodied holistic wellness to social cut downs of our film to a complete re-design of the ZICO website, we wanted to make sure our ethos lived through all of the work.

ZICO Wrap Up_CONDENSED (5).jpg
ZICO Wrap Up_20180918_ZICO.jpg
ZICO Wrap Up_CONDENSED (1).jpg


Our influencer partners champion holistic wellness day to day, and were integral to our campaign to serve as ambassadors to the community and drive ZICO usage cases.

The Results

3 million organic PR impressions across 2 national outlets and 4 local outlets,
~141MM delivered impressions for OOH, Social, and Digital Video
20,000+ organic views and 1500+ likes across social media channels




In my time at KIDinaKORNER, I have had the chance to work on a host of artist-based projects. Some large-scale six figure budgets, others for under $1,000. Below are a few of official video launches I had the chance to produce.

Beyond the large scale productions posted below, I produced, edited, supervised, or DP'd over 200 short pieces of digital content in my time at KIDinaKORNER, as well as 3-5 larger pieces that were finished but never aired due to songs being held indefinitely for future releases. 


Rosie Mac















Grammy award-winning music producer Alex Da Kid paired up with Watson to see if they could create a song together. Watson’s ability to turn millions of unstructured data points into emotional insights would help create a new kind of music that for the first time ever, listened to the audience.

Alex Da Kid wanted a deeper connection with his audience. But with so many millions of people in the world, he needed a better way to listen to all of them. Watson AlchemyLanguage API helped by analyzing five years of natural language texts including New York Times front pages, Supreme Court rulings, Getty Museum statements, the most edited Wikipedia articles, popular movie synopses and more. Once Watson had learned the most significant cultural themes, Watson Tone Analyzer read news articles, blogs and tweets to find out what people felt about them.

Watson also inspired Alex Da Kid by analyzing years’ worth of popular music. Watson Tone Analyzer API read the lyrics of over 26,000 Billboard Hot 100 songs while Cognitive Color Design Tool tool ingested its album art. Watson Beat then looked at composition of those songs to find useful patterns between various keys, chord progressions and genres completing an emotional fingerprint of music by year – brought to life in a fully immersive experience for Alex.



TV Commercial



We concepted and produced, along side Three Foot Giant, the official "Not Easy" music video, which launched two weeks after the release of the track. 


Lyric Music Videos are an important part of the release of each track. We concepted and produced this video in house for official launch of the track. 


We concepted, designed, and produced the official album artwork for the release of the track. 


KIDinaKORNER Website


I am not an interactive producer. However, having worked on half a dozen digital projects directly with producers in the past, I have a decent sense of what goes in to producing a website under a certain set of parameters, and what a production for it looks like. 

Back in 2016, when KIDinaKORNER's agency was first launching with an official brand identity, my Creative Director and I worked one on one with our production partner to design, develop, QA, and implement our website from the ground up. I am also the source for maintaining the CMS of the entire site. 

This was a first for me, and I am proud to have added the project and production to my repertoire. 

Below are screenshots of the various parts of the website




In 2016, Google was set to launch two new messaging apps, known as Duo and Allo. While we were initially briefed with creating launch content for both new apps, we ultimatley decided to focus on the Duo Launch for Google IO 2016. 

Duo is a simple, fast one-to-one video calling app for everyone—whether you’re on Android or iOS, a fast or slow connection, in New York or New Delhi. Duo is based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook. Duo has a new feature known as Knock Knock, which shows you a live video preview of the caller before you pick up.

Knock Knock invites you into the moment, making calls feel spontaneous and fun. It was out goal for this 60s spot to highlight the simplicity of Duo (both in the UI and in making calls), the fun and spontaneous nature of Knock Knock, and make it clear that this app was cross-platform, meaning it worked on Android and iOS devices.

Check out the film below. 

video Block
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In tandem with the film launch, we also created a plethora of digital assets to go live with the release of the Google Blog - a staple of any wide-scale Google hardware, software, or app release that went live the day Duo was announced. 

As of early 2018, Duo has over 100,000,000 downloads and over 1,600,000 reviews in the Google Play store, averaging a 4.6 rating. 




Google's Now on Tap feature was the latest launch in world of Google Life Hacks during the spring of 2016. It was our goal to highlight a few of the various functions of the new feature while also showing users how truly simple it was to use through a 60s launch film. 

What is Now on Tap? It is a simple yet sophisticated feature Google integrates into any phone that could operate Android M or higher to give you quick information without having to leave the current app. The information you get will depend on what you're viewing on your screen at the time you long-press the Home button. Check out the 60s animated spot below to see just how awesome it is. 

On the surface, it's quite simple: When you long-press the Home button, Now on Tap copies and pastes what you're viewing into Google Now and opens an overlay with related information. Under the surface, it's much more complex; this copy/paste action is why sometimes you'll find the information Now on Tap presents to be not especially useful. The specificity of what you're viewing directly impacts what Now on Tap can reveal.




For kids with special needs, the right materials can make a huge difference in the classroom. In late 2015, Google.org partnered Donorschoose.org to raise money for teachers' projects all throughout the United States.

During the two week campaign, Google pledged to matched user donations up to $1MM for projects that focused on accessible education on DonorsChoose.org. The goal of the project was simple - fund as many teacher projects as possible and help make education more inclusive for every child. 


This was a fully integrated campaign. As part of the project, we created the following documentary launch film to drive awareness for the start of the campaign. The film highlighted two specific teachers who focus their daily efforts on teaching students with special needs, and was featured as a Google Home Page takeover the day of the launch


Integrated hub website for viewers to learn about the campaign, learn about the nine teachers we selected to highlight and fully fund, and personally donate to the projects of their choosing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.06.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.08.00 AM.png


We produced seven surprise "funding" events in seven different states throughout the United States (each with their own individual print and even planning productions), including two featured in our launch film over the course of a 2.5 week period. This took an incredible amount of coordination between our agency, our client, the schools and their key players, our production team, DonorsChoose, and the teachers themselves. 

Digital Campaign

Over the course of 14 days, we designed and implemented our social campaign. This included highlighting individual teacher projects on DonorsChoose, pushing our digital film to new viewers, and sharing in the success of the funding events to help drive further donations for the campaign.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.14.28 AM.png


The result was more than just raising money (we met our $1M funding goal quite quickly) - it set a great presidence for future collaborations with non-profits like DonorsChoose to continue to raise money, awareness, and opportunity for children, no matter what level of education they are at. 




Marching on behalf of ones country and service is one of the proudest achievements for Veterans. However, thousands of Vets every year are unable to participate in the march, due to illness, injury, or being unable to attend. 

On Veterans Day 2015, veterans in VA hospitals across the country virtually marched in the nation’s largest Veterans Day Parade using Google Cardboard and 360 video.

During the one day campaign, Google utilized Google Cardboard, Youtube, and their android-specific mobile Youtube App (the only app with virtual reality capabilities at the time) to 360° live stream the march to more than 4000 veterans unable to attend with disabilities and those unable to travel.

This streaming allowed viewers to virtually march alongside 27,000 of their fellow servicemen and women in the New York City Veterans Day Parade.


The 360° viewing experience was a centerpiece for this project. It was our role to work with our digital team at 72andSunny to research and consult on the best approach for this live streaming experience. 

Website HUB

We built a dedicated website for viewers to house our content, stream the march and future film content, and provide a platform to viewers learn about how they can get involved in bettering the lives of Veterans throughout the country


We organized 12 live viewing "marching" experiences for veterans across the United States and created film documenting some of the Vets we were able to assist. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.19.49 AM.png

As a bonus, due to everything about Google.org striving to be fully ADA compliant, we created all assets under strict ADA regulations. This gave everyone equal opportunity to participate and join the cause!


Google.org x Bay Area Impact Challenge


Google.org invited local nonprofits to submit their proposals, choosing 25 finalists from over 900 applicants who received a total of $5.5 million in funding. Google's goal was to find projects with innovative approaches and ambitious plans to improve the lives of local residents, as well as adventurous leadership teams to execute their vision. From the 25 top projects, 10 finalists were chosen. That is where we came in to help.

Over the course of the three week campaign, we created a city-wide public awareness campaign, asking the city to cast their votes for the projects they felt deserved the money the most. Top 25 were guaranteed $100k in funding, finalists received $250k, with the top 4 (ended up being 6) receiving $500k in funding.  

This project was fully integrated; as a part of it, we created:


When the top 10 NGO's were chosen, we personally put on training sessions with each one, providing them with marketing tools, digital assets so they could create their own marketing assets, and training on how to spread the word on their cause. It was incredible to see how the NGOs embraced the training to help gain votes. 


We hired two local artists in the Bay Area to create original artwork to represent each non-profit government organization (NGO) in the campaign. The visual identity of the campaign was crucial to making it stand out and resonate with the community - we opted for a simplistic paper-cut out visual design that was brought to life beaiutifully by our artist duo.  


Working with a local animation team, we created a 30s launch film using our bespoke artwork to tease the 10 finalists and create a CTA to vote in the public. The film was launched as part of a Google Home Page take over at the start of the campaign. 


Most importantly, we created a bespoke website to serve as the hub for our campaign. Within the site, we users could learn about all the finalists as well as the greater Bay Area Impact Challenge, the celebrity influencers helping in the cause, and most importantly, provide a platform for voting.



Taking voting tactics to the streets was crucial for this campaign. In order to get the people voting, we had to bring voting to them.We did this in a number of ways.

First, we created specially designed digital voting stations throughout the Bay Area's uniquely designed digital billboards. Fans could simply walk up to a billboard, click on each NGO to learn more about it, and vote on the spot while waiting for their bus or cruising through their neighborhood.

One of 30+ digital bus shelter voting stations. Votes were tallied and digitally sent to a server. Only one vote could be cast every few minutes as to avoid fraud or "over voting". 

One of 30+ digital bus shelter voting stations. Votes were tallied and digitally sent to a server. Only one vote could be cast every few minutes as to avoid fraud or "over voting". 

Additionally, we created one-of-a-kind voting paper that was placed in dozens of volunteer businesses throughout the city. We worked with a unique vendor who could create conductive ink, allowing viewers to simple "touch" the paper posters hanging throughout the city and cast their votes. Votes were collected each day and tallied.

Here is an example of the "touch to vote" paper we created and distributed to local Bay Area business for the duration of the campaign.

Here is an example of the "touch to vote" paper we created and distributed to local Bay Area business for the duration of the campaign.

We designed a wide-scale print and OOH campaign, using static billboard space, wild postings, and standarD advertisement placement throughout the BART system to spread awareness for the campaign and drive awareness to online voting.

This was our final design for our print and OOH campaign featured throughout the Bay Area

This was our final design for our print and OOH campaign featured throughout the Bay Area


It was important for us to make sure that people influential to the community were involved. To do this, we worked with local celebrities, such as Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors,  Hunter Pence of the SF Giants, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

We formed partnerships with the Golden State Warriors, San Fransisco Giants, and various other local businesses to help spread further awareness.


When all was said and done, we awarded $5.5M to 25 NGOs in the area, and we increased voting by 500%, attracting more than 415,000 votes. 




As part of the global launch for the GS6, we created a 60s all - CGI spot with Framestore, titled "Weapons" to compare the power of the new phone with the power and might of earth's mightiest heroes. Although this was another film associated with the Avengers Age of Ultron partnership, this film lived entirely separate from the recruitment films.

It is shame that our Iron Man themed GS6 phone teaser was never finished...

Check out the final Weapons spot below:




In 2015, for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung's Mark 2 of the Gear VR, we collaborated directly with Marvel and VFX powerhouse Framestore to give fans the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming an Avenger. Over the course of 8 weeks, we concepted, ideated, and produced the experience, using Industrial Light and Magic assets shared directly by Marvel - a process of secure collaboration that Marvel had never before been willing to do with additional vendors. 

The project was an Official Honoree at the Webby's in 2016 for Best Use of Mobile Media. Although it is no longer accessible on the Gear VR store, it can still be viewed in a host of ways (check them out below!).

VR Fly Through

In the Battle For Avengers Tower VR, suit up as Iron Man along side Hulk, Captain America and Thor to battle Ultron Prime and his minions in a bullet time 90 second experience. 

Control the Experience!

Whether you are on mobile or desktop, you don't need the Gear VR to dive into this once in a lifetime kind of experience. Check out the 360° video below and have fun!


Incase you missed anything, below are some awesome stills from the experience!




As a center piece to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6, in partnership with Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron, we created a two part film series with Spider-Man director, Marc Webb, to bring fans closer than ever to Marvel. 

Our mission was simple: Activate a true global partnership between the biggest brand in technology and the biggest name in entertainment.


    Starring Lionel Messi, John John Florence, Eddie Lacey, Fabian Cancellara and Colbie Smulders as Maria Hill.


    In addition to the below, we also produced and consulted on the following throughout the 18 month partnership:

    • Samsung x Marvel Partnership Announcement in 2014, including a specially designed announcement by J.A.R.V.I.S. (Paul Bettany)
    • Samsung 2-Day activation at SDCC 2014, including the first ever release of the Marvel's Hall H Footage outside of Hall H, screened via a specially produced Samsung Experience on their new Samsung Tab S
    • Samsung x Marvel experience at IFA Berlin 2014


    For a full recap of the entire campaign, including additional activations around the release of our films and Avengers: Age of Ultron, check out the case study below!




    At the beginning of 2015, Samsung was quickly becoming the front runner for device connectivity with the best screens. SUHD TV, OLED Tablets, GS5 and Note 5 phones, The Gear S 2 Smarth Watch, all paired with great Bluetooth speakers and headphones. 

    The goal of this film was simple - highlight the connectivity and versatility of Samsung's breadth of products, all while promoting both their newly established "Milk Services" video platform and their newest partnership with Netflix. In addition to the broadcast 30' we aired, we also created a longer form 60s piece and a series of 15s cut downs to air digitally via pre-roll. 

    Check out the broadcast 30s spot below (apologies for the lower resolution). 


    SAMSUNG: ADD52 Launch


    Shortly after the launch of Milk Music, Samsung launched the ADD52 in partnership with Russell Simmons. The ethos for the program was to give developing musical talent a boosted platform for discovery through the Milk Music.

    The program mechanics were simple - once a week for 52 weeks, a new "emerging artist" was voted on by the fans, and then featured on the Milk Music scroll button to help surface their music and push them to A-list level. Since this was fan voted, this was one of the first true fan-based discovery platforms created in the digital music streaming-sphere.

    It was our job to communicate this to artists, music lovers, and Samsung fans and get them engaged in the program and helping to launch new artists through engagement. 

    Starring Russell Simmons, Tayyib Ali, Janel Marisse, and Love Dollhouse




    Milk Music is a free streaming radio service designed to get people listening to music from any genre in just a few seconds. The app, exclusive to Samsung devices, was launched as a free ad-free service to compete directly with other streaming players such as Spotify and Pandora.

    In a celebrity-filled practical shoot that lasted four days, we introduced the world to a new way to discover music through Milk.

    The film ran online, in cinemas, and in broadcast via three different 30s cut downs, and was supplemented by a digital, print, and OOH campaign that rolled out throughout Summer of 2014.


    Starring Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Childish Gambino, Little Dragon, John Legend, Lady Antebellum, Cold War Kids, and Chromeo